The TikTok For You Page is home to the latest trends and popular videos on the app. If you want to go viral on TikTok, you need your videos on the For You Page to ensure users actually view your content. However, the TikTok For You Page algorithm is still something of a mystery. 

What is the For You Page?

The For You Page is essentially the TikTok popular page as the most popular videos typically end up somewhere on the For You Page. When you open the app, you are shown a feed of videos that the TikTok algorithm thinks you would enjoy. While the For You Page is personalized for each individual user, many of the same videos end up on everyone’s For You Page due to their general popularity. 

How are videos selected for TikTok’s For You Page?

The team at TikTok has not shared much in terms of the For You Page algorithm and exactly how videos are selected to show up on the feed. Unlike other social media platforms that tend to offer best practices and tips, TikTok has been silent. TikTok users and social media analysts have plenty of theories on how videos end up on the For You Page. 

Completion ratio

The completion ratio is an important metric in judging a video’s performance because it shows that the content was interesting enough to capture attention. This ratio refers to how much of the video that was watched, or the video’s retention rate. If someone only watches half of a video, the completion ratio is 50%. If someone watches a video all the way through, the ratio would be 100%. The completion ratio can be even greater than 100% if the video is watched multiple times. 


Videos on TikTok can be shared with others, both inside and outside of the app. In each video, there is the option to share the clip through a variety of methods. Users can send videos to one another that open in TikTok links through text messages or other social media platforms. In some cases, it is possible to download a video and share it with someone else. 

Comments & Likes

Comments and likes show engagement with a video, making it more likely to end up on the For You Page. These metrics display over the video, so other users can see how popular the clip is. 

How to get on the TikTok For You Page? 

Getting your videos on the For You Page is not easy, but there are some TikTok For You Page hacks that can help boost your content. Certain types of videos have a better chance of ending up on the For You Page thanks to their formatting and style. Keep reading for tips to help your videos go viral on TikTok. 

High-Quality videos

Videos that are blurry or low quality are more likely to be skipped over. High-quality videos have higher completion ratios, making them better contestants for the For You Page. Make sure your videos are clear and well-edited. 

Create shorter videos 

The optimal video length to wind up on the For You Page is between 10 and 15 seconds. Videos longer than 15 seconds are more likely to be stopped and have a lower completion ratio. The first few seconds of your video are crucial to capture attention, but you have to keep the viewer’s attention to end up on the For You Page. 

Engage your audience

Engaging content is more likely to get likes and comments. Your videos should be funny or unique, show your personality, or reference something topical. If your videos really impress your audience, they will share them with others as well. 

Make a loop video 

Looped videos have a great chance of getting a higher completion ratio because users tend to watch them multiple times. TikTok For You Page trends include tricks or illusions that make a video seem like it completes a seamless loop. 

Follow trends

The TikTok For You page tends to be a collection of the latest trends on the app. Jump on the bandwagon by creating a video that incorporates a popular trend or try a challenge. Trends are already popular among users, so you can capitalize on that popularity. 

Use popular Music & Audio Tracks

Users can search for videos by the music or audio track used in the background. Audio tracks, including songs and voiceovers, the trend just as often as video formats or challenges. By using popular music or audio, you can get more views for your video. 

Add popular hashtags

There are countless hashtags that you can add to your TikTok videos to try to end up on the For You Page. Users can search by hashtags, and that can help your videos get more views. Popular hashtags for the For You Page include #fyp and #foryoupage. Many TikTok users add these hashtags to their videos in an attempt to end up on the For You Page and get more traction on their content. 

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