TikTok has been introducing new ways for creators to enjoy creating content on the platform. One of these is the TikTok black creator incubator.

This year, 2021, a new incubator program was introduced. In fact, the program was mainly to invest in and promote up-and-coming black TikTok creators and musicians.

Key Takeaway

Black people are popular for their constant energy and cheerful ways. On social media, some of the best content is created by black people.

So, to promote the black community on TikTok, the TikTok black creator incubator was introduced.

The application process was very simple. But, it was closed on January 27th, 2021. The process involved creating a one-minute video, filling out a form, and submitting it.

Furthermore, to make the program very efficient, TikTok partnered with MACRO. MACRO did a great job by aiding TikTok to generate a grant for a selected few out of the 100 black creators that it chose.

The grant was to help in providing educational resources and content-creating tools for the black creators.

What is the New TikTok Black Creator Incubator All About?

In TikTok’s announcement on the launching of the black creator incubator program, it appreciated black people for their creative content. “Without them, TikTok would not be the vibrant and creative community we aspire to be.”

TikTok for black creatives is a new incubator program that supports black creators all over TikTok.

The program was to last for only three months. Also, only 100 talented black creators and musicians were selected. The main aim was to help these people grow in their careers and achieve more.

The TikTok black creator incubator included inspiring city halls with influential and successful entrepreneurs that were also black. In addition, they got to meet some celebrities at these spots.

Furthermore, they got to witness community-building forums and some enlightening programs. At these events, TikTok executives were present.

In addition, a smaller group out of the 100 received a grant which enabled them to pay for whatever they needed for their content creation. This included content creation tools, some educational resources, and production equipment.

With this program, a great black community can be grown on TikTok. Black creators can finally get the relevance they seek on TikTok, social media, and beyond.

Application Process for the TikTok Black Creatives

The application process for the TikTok black creator incubator program was very simple. The hardest part was waiting for the result.

Since the program was strictly for black creators and up-and-coming musicians, creating eye-catching content wasn’t difficult for them.

Below is the application process for the TikTok black creator incubator.

1. Visit the TikTok for black creatives homepage:

Firstly, a special page was created for the application of The Tick Tock black creatives. The page address was ‘tiktokblackcreativesapply.com.’

However, the page is now closed because the application process ended months ago. The application began on the 27th of January.

2. Create content:

This is what determines the rest of the application. Creators were to create a new video themselves. This video was expected to be 60 seconds (one minute) long.

The aim of the video, in particular, was for the creators to display their creativity and personality. It could be a single video or a compilation of videos.

3. Apply:

Once you’ve made your video, click the apply button. Once you click it, you’ll have to fill out a form. The form requested information like:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Phone number
  • TikTok username
  • Number of followers
  • Type of content you create

After filling the form, upload the video and submit.

4. Submission:

The applications ended on January 27th, 2021. There were over 3000 applicants for the TikTok black creator incubator.

Tiktok announced the finalists in February.

Who Sponsored the TikTok Black Creators Programme?

In the announcement TikTok made, it stated that it had secured a partnership with MACRO. Charles D. King is the founder of MACRO, a media company.

MACRO stands for people of color, not just black people and people with different backgrounds. Together with TikTok, MACRO created the grant for the selected group of content creators and growing musicians to help fund their careers.

Also, MACRO gave quality advice on programming content and career-building opportunities for the creators.

In the announcement of the partnership, Stacey Walker King, Chief Brand Officer, MACRO, stated that “We are happy to partner with TikTok to identify, uplift, and support Black creators. The Black creator community on TikTok is at the forefront of driving culture and sparking trends, and MACRO is proud to help amplify and showcase their immense talent.”

The partnership aided TikTok in efficiently carrying out the incubator program. TikTok and MACRO gained a lot from each other, and so did the 100 black creators.


In conclusion, we can say that TikTok is constantly developing better ways for every single user to enjoy the platform no matter who they are or where they are from. The black creator program is one of these methods.

The TikTok black creator incubator program is a program that will surely promote the black community on TikTok and beyond.

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