Automate Your TikTok Growth

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TikTok Growth made easy for busy coaches, consultants, service providers, personal users and basically anyone who wants Increased Conversions, More subscribers & fans.

Here’s an inconvenient truth .. 

If you aren’t spending at least 2 hours per day connecting with your perfect target audience and consistently creating funny or very high end content worth going viral ..

You’re probably not going to grow on TikTok

No “TikTok™ Growth course”, Blog Post, YouTube video, or the Podcast is going to save your TikTok Growth Strategy just like that

And this is why…

The TikTok Algorithm is currently the #1 and fastest changing algorithm in the world!

Taking the guesswork, frustration & confusion out of growing your TikTok Account

Let’s be honest, you have read tons of guides and made several attempts on growing your TikTok page by yourself.

You’re a worker and have this ‘I don’t need help, because I love to figure out things myself’ mentality.

You’ve probably tried several different content styles and maybe hundreds or some even thousands of dollars, just trying to get it right.

Unfortunately, these days the TikTok Platform is among the most Popular Platforms there is, competing with Google, Instagram and Facebook itself.

Therefor growing a page in this competitive environment can seem far too out of reach & overwhelming and for some even impossible.

Especially with little knowledge about the Algorithm, and often a lack of time.

Don’t worry about any of that anymore.

With Socialisers’ TikTok Growth Service anyone with any experience, beginner right through to advanced can generate a flood of consistent New, Active, Niche targeted Customers, Fans, Leads AND Sales when you have a ‘COMPLETE’ TikTok Growth Service engaging with your target audience for you 24/7, 365.

Socialisers TikTok Groth Service uses an easy to implement 3-part growth process that’s proven by hundreds of businesses and brands to help you get started, get optimized & eventually get an amazing amount of new subscribers, followers and Customers using engagement marketing. 

Whether you’re growing your TikTok for your own business or for clients, the ability to grow them WITHOUT wasting your valuable time is KEY to scaling your business. 

Personal Growth Expert

When joining our TikTok Growth Service you will be assigned a personal Growth expert with years of experience in the field. This expert will create, run and manage your TikTok growth, leaving you free to focus on your corebusiness

Monthly In Depth Growth Analytics

Our team will provide you with monthly growth reports telling you exactly what you need to know about the growth we are currently generating on your behalf. 

Engagement Growth

A winning TikTok account starts with engagement. We will target your chosen audience and engage with them 24/7. Getting your page and content in front of them will help to convert the ones that feel attracted to your content, into legit and and engaging fans. 


Expert TikTok Manager at Your Fingertips

We’ll assign a TikTok specialist on our staff to run your TikTok Growth Campaign. This person will learn about your business goals, develop an advertising strategy, and execute.


We will Follow and Unfollow people on your behalf. Doing this will attract the right people over to your page and convert a big percentage of them into new followers. 


During your subscription period, we will continuously like the content of your perfect target audience and also the comments that they are placing, using your account. Again attracting them over to your page. Increasing your traffic and followers.

Monthly Analytics

Monthly reports keep us all on the same page and identify what needs to change or scale.

Strategy Evolution

Through consistent analytics, Socialiser uses trends to identify larger strategy adjustments. A TikTok strategy must evolve to stay relevant. Consistent analytics makes this happen.

Monitor Your Growth and Optimize

We’ll monitor campaigns hourly, daily and weekly. If results decline, we’ll detect it and adjust it to keep your account growing to its maximum potential.

Actions Done Per day:

Unsubscribes start after 3 days

Likes – 25/35
Follows – 75/125
Unfollows – 75/125

Growing on Instagram within 24H (Even if you don't quite know what to post)