About 67% of social media marketers regard Facebook as their most effective social media marketing platform.

Notably, Facebook has the largest number of users, so advertisers will obviously enjoy a potential higher reach. But all of that would be in vain if you don’t keep up with the latest Facebook ad trends.

As time goes by, things change. Users begin to view and respond to ads differently than they used to. Staying on top of current Facebook trends for 2021 will be a determining ingredient in your success story.

So, without much ado, read on to find out what’s trending on Facebook.

Key Takeaway

Keeping up with the latest trends on Facebook can help you utilize the platform optimally. Top Facebook trends in 2021 include Hashtag usage, User-generated content, Chatbots, Messenger on desktop, Hidden likes, etc.

Table of Contents

1. Adopting user-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is any content created by a user or customer of a brand. You get content posted by your customers and then publish it on your page.

UGC remains an authentic way to engage users because they’re more likely to believe what other users say about your brand.

Following this Facebook ad trend, production and recording studios are getting more irrelevant in Facebook advertising. Hence, brands are now moving to homemade photos and videos that look more mobile-shot than studio-shot.

According to Digiday, the number of views for Facebook ad videos not created by brands doubled in 2020.

2. Hashtags

Using hashtags to improve reach started on Twitter but has now transcended into Facebook among other platforms.

Even more interestingly, Facebook is working to enable users to boost their content’s reach and engagement. This will be an enhancement of the Facebook hashtag feature. And ad specialists will be looking to exploit this facebook trend to its full potential in 2021.

3. Communicating with users via Chatbot

One of the Facebook ad trends for 2021 is the Chatbot feature on the Messenger app. This is a way for brands to facilitate speedy communication between customers and brands. Of course, users want to get responses from Facebook advertisers as soon as they make contact. But since human agents are not always readily available, Chatbots are taking the stage.

4. Private channels are gradually given more priority

During the annual F8 Developer conference in 2019, Mark Zuckerberg shared “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking.” 

He stated that more private interactions would be enabled in the digital social space in the coming years. This will help to foster smaller communities that we all need in our lives.

And we already see the trend. Brands are now chatting privately with users via Facebook Messenger and creating private Instagram accounts. And the Close Friends filters we’ve seen on Instagram, we may now see more of it on Facebook.

5. Putting Groups at the center of Facebook

If you’re looking for Facebook trending topics, you need to know that enjoying facebook groups has become much easier than ever before.

The 5th edition of Facebook that was launched now has Facebook Groups at the forefront of its design.

With this new trend, users can now easily find groups they like and join. This is a great way to grow a brand community. The Groups tag also has a feature that shows activities from all the groups you have joined. And you would see updates from the groups more frequently.

6. Hidden like counts

Facebook has been testing hiding like counts in Australia, a feature that has been trending on Instagram. It seems that a lot going on on Instagram eventually finds its way to become Facebook trends as well.

7. Messenger Desktop

Almost everyone knows that most users prefer surfing social media on their mobile devices. In fact, 94%  of all ad revenue comes from mobile marketing.

However, Facebook is bringing Messenger to Desktop so that brands and their customers can now chat directly on Desktop. This is a trending Facebook topic that goes in line with prioritizing private spaces.

8. Blending Facebook ads with the news feeds

Did you know that some social media users just like scrolling past ads? They prefer to see the usual intriguing posts they come across on the news feeds. And it would be best if you used this to your advantage.

When you visually format your Facebook ad copy to be like typical posts on the news feeds, they tend to look more organic. Hence, users would naturally stop to take a look rather than shy away from the ad.

However, blending in doesn’t negate standing out. As an ad specialist, you need to find ways to make your ad stand out even while blending in.

(In the third quarter of 2020, Facebook news feed received 52% of relative ad spend by businesses. It also had a 1.82% CTR, higher than video feeds.)


Now that you know the top Facebook ad trends for 2021, you’re better equipped to strategize towards your marketing goals.

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