Nothing stops you from taking the central stage if you utilize the right organic Instagram growth strategies for your account. Currently, on Instagram organic growth is harder than ever to achieve due to Instagram Algorithm Updates. However, it’s not impossible to achieve explosive organic growth on Insta.

For example, Uber and Airbnb record exponential growth every year. This is not happening by chance; neither is it a miraculous work. They are implementing the best strategy to grow organically on Instagram and other social media platforms. Given the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, businesses need to be flexible for quick adaptation and integration of organic Instagram growth strategies for business purposes. Your flexibility to changes will be helpful to grow your Instagram followers organically.

organic instagram growth strategies


The number of followers you have and will be gaining defines your growth on Instagram. How do you get these followers? By combining these three-component – content management, regular activities/engagement, and brand awareness.

These are a few of the organic Instagram growth tips that you need to gain massive followers. Including an ad campaign to these tips will ensure that your growth is not stationary at a point.

From another perspective, some measure Instagram growth based on hashtag performance and the extent to which a posted content goes viral. Engagement, such as likes and comments, is also a metric employed by many to determine account growth on Instagram.

However, the major measure of Instagram account growth should be its impact on your business. This implies that if your large number of followers is not impacting your business, it should not be categorized as growth.

This is why it is important to grow your Instagram account organically to capture followers who are interested in your value proposition.


People still make the mistake of purchasing likes and followers that are fake and bots-related. Although it might boost your growth in the short run, you may lose your account in the long run if detected by the Instagram algorithm.

You need to be conversant with the marketing agency processes you employed to build your Instagram account. This is to confirm the authenticity of their method in terms of growing your account.

With the latest Instagram features, there are improved organic Instagram growth strategies suitable for bringing you a step ahead of your competitors. So, what Instagram growth strategies can you employ to establish your brand as a front runner in your industry?

Check below for the ultimate organic Instagram growth strategies that will be beneficial to your account.



As mentioned earlier, content marketing is one of the top components that generate organic growth on Instagram. Given the nature of Instagram as a social media platform with over 2 million users, your content must be top-notch before you can gain the attention of users interested in your brand.

Post optimization requires you to adhere strictly to time-tested posting habits to gradually capture users’ attention, which will gradually impact your business. The Instagram algorithm makes use of AI to identify posts that should come first in user’s feeds. More priority goes to posts made by friends and family, followed by posts from random users.

Therefore, to widen your net, it is ideal to comment, like, and send a direct message to your target audience. The latest posts also get higher priority than old posts, and posts get ranked according to importance. The implication of this is that embrace the habit of posting regularly and consistently.

organic instagram growth strategies


After crushing the first algorithm to optimize your post by creating captivating content, including visuals, the next thing to think about is engagement. Are you getting the right engagement for your posts? If no, it implies your content is not engaging enough.

In that case, you need to strategize to develop eye-catching visuals that are difficult to ignore by your followers. Are you finding it challenging to create a compelling post? You can borrow inspiration from Instagram stories, Instagram live, hashtags, contests, and giveaways.

Also, you can leverage user-generated content to create brand awareness.

organic instagram growth strategies


The impact of influencers on Instagram account growth is significant. This is one of the top-notch Instagram growth strategies that help to grow your Instagram account organically. Apart from the goodwill that they built for themselves, their expertise can be highly useful for rapid Instagram growth.

You should endeavor to build a rapport with them, as your account would feel their contribution immensely. Since your brand is important, you should be ready to go the extra mile to leverage the influencer’s power to ensure Instagram growth.


You shouldn’t limit yourself to Instagram alone. To reach more target audiences, you can check your competitors’ page to tap their existing followers. Send DM, like, and drop a comment on their post. This will make them feel important, thereby creating awareness for your brand.

Endeavor to share your Instagram account on other social media platforms. People use multiple social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. Every social media platform is unique in its way. Therefore, you must extend your content strategy to match the uniqueness of these channels.

Aside from using other social media platforms, offline channels can help grow your Instagram account organically. You can use in-store signage and promotions, such as a discount for every new follower that subscribe to your page. This idea generates followers easily than running an ads campaign.

organic instagram growth strategies


 Developing a brand-centric strategy is essential to elevate your brand position among your competitors in your industry. Brand awareness has inherent sales influencing capacity; as people get familiarized with your product, the more you get recognized.

Try to be original because the picture you create in people’s eyes defines what they will be expecting from you. Although it might to a long time to materialize, the result will be effective in the long run. Increasing your brand equity through brand mentions across social media platforms will make your business sit on a solid foundation for growth.


This article has provided you with enough insight on how to grow organically on Instagram. Combining the organic Instagram growth strategies can set your Instagram account on a growth path beyond your imagination. Don’t despise the days of small beginning – perseverance and consistency are what brings effective results in the long run.

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