Does the perfect Instagram caption exist? Maybe not, but it is possible to write the best Instagram captions for your brand or content.

Whether your goal is to grow your follower account, improve brand recognition, or encourage your audience to take action, your Instagram captions can be crucial to helping build or connect with your audience.

Keep reading for the best practices for writing Instagram captions. 

Grab attention 

The first line of your instagram caption is extremely important!

Users scroll through Instagram quickly, moving their eyes from one image or video to the next. The beginning of your caption can grab attention and engage your audience, so make it memorable. 

Some of the best ways to grab peoples’ attention are with exciting action words like Look, Stop, Go, Read, etc. In addition, you can also try to pique peoples’ curiosity by asking questions or stating something that makes the reader think.

Include a call to action

When it comes to any process you always need a call to action to direct the attention; people simply need to be told what to do. Of course, there are polite creative ways to get this done as well as direct & abrasive.

Instagram captions can serve as a powerful message to direct your audience to do more. For example:

  • Should they drop a comment for their favorite holiday or maybe share a secret?
  • Maybe they liked your content a lot, should they follow your account for more of it?
  • Sharing is caring, right? Tell the to share this post with some of their friends.

Whatever you use your call to action for, it should be simple and direct; the creative part comes in the delivery! Once you have the attention of someone, you always want to do your best to direct them to take action so they can be revisited.

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Asking questions? 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Rather than trying to find the perfect set of words, let your community write your captions for instagram posts!

Memorable Instagram captions make people think. Ask your audience questions to increase engagement & get valuable captions for posts. People thinking and taking their time about what they comment on can give you a better sense of your audience as well.

Use a quote 

We all need a pick me up sometimes. Instagram quotes from famous celebrities, leaders & others are a great way to connect with your audience and share content that they will enjoy, uplift or motivate them.

Align your images with a motivational, thought-provoking, or happy quotes. People are always looking for a little bit of inspiration or motivation to get them through the day.

Struggling to come up with well thought out instagram captions? Don’t worry, quotes from famous celebrities & leaders are an excellent way to generate high energy with little effort.

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Provide valuable information 

What do your customers or fans need to know?

Captions for Instagram posts can serve as the perfect news banner for your Instagram persona. Have an upcoming event they should know about, or are you looking for someone to help you with your next project?

Instagram captions are the perfect place to toss in high alert information. Plus, since Instagram captions can be edited after posting, you can update time-sensitive information as you please.

Share the latest trends in your captions, provide industry information, or update your audience on your brand. Your captions can be a valuable resource for your audience if the information is relevant. 

Break up longer Instagram captions

People are bombarded with Instagram posts, ads, and content all day long. If you want your Instagram captions to be noticed, they cannot seem too long or boring. Line breaks can be a great way to break up longer captions and make it easier for your audience to follow along without losing interest. 

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Use your brand voice 

You have likely developed a voice for your brand, and you use it on your website, email communications, and packaging. You should use the same voice on Instagram in your captions. Talk to your audience like a real person, instead of sounding like a robot.  

Focus on Instagram Feed Theme

Your brand tells a story, and you can carry that story over to Instagram. Perfect Instagram captions will focus on the themes that are important to your brand and tell a story for your audience. These types of captions are more engaging and interesting for your audience, and they will be more likely to pay attention to what you have to say. 

Add in emojis

Emojis draw attention to your caption. Grab your audience by adding emojis to the beginning of your caption, or highlight your call to action with an emoji. Get your audience’s brains working by using emoji puzzles and asking your customers to solve the riddle in the comments. There are countless ways to incorporate emojis into your captions.

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Be honest about sponsorships 

Social media users are very suspicious of ads and paid content. If you are promoting sponsored content or getting paid to post on Instagram, you should disclose that information. Being upfront can help build trust with your audience. 

Batch write your captions

It is not always easy to write Instagram captions on the fly. If you find that it is difficult to be inspired, write your captions in batches. Setting aside time to write your captions in bulk can help you plan out your content and have plenty of captions for the future.

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It is always best to read over your captions multiple times before posting. Consider having another team member glance at them as well. Sometimes staring at the same caption for so long can make it difficult to spot errors. Posting a caption with a typo or mistake can damage your credibility. 

Add hashtags

Hashtags are a staple on Instagram. Including hashtags in your captions makes it possible for users to discover your posts through searches. Hashtags are a great way to categorize posts. It is important to use hashtags that are natural for your audience or include branded hashtags that your audience can share. 

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