The Instagram content strategy differentiates between an account with a ton of engagement and a non-active account. Instagram users today use it as a marketing tool for their products. This is because of its large number of users and engagement.

You may think all you need is an attractive and eye-catchy Instagram profile. But, you will need more than that to attract your target audience to your page. With the help of the right Instagram content strategy, you will identify the things your audience likes. It will also guide you on how to please and win your followers over.

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Instagram content strategy is an avenue for your brand or business to create an interesting and engaging post on social media. A good Instagram content strategy can be made with the use of planning tools and content themes. A social media account is meant to have a consistent posting schedule that enables you to show up timely for your audience.

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Feed?

Once you realize your Instagram page needs an Instagram content strategy, the next thing on your mind should be how to implement the strategies to achieve desirable results.

Below are the Instagram content strategy tips for creating the perfect Instagram feed that generates results.

1. Clarify the lifestyle you are selling

Before you create your Instagram content, you need to understand your niche and focus on it. It will guide you to create content that will enable your audience to relate to your product.

You have to think of the best ways your audience can use your product. Do you sell sunglasses? One that is perfect to wear at the beach? If yes, you can create content featuring women wearing sunglasses with bikinis on a sunny day at a beach.

2. Get a planning tool

A planning tool will guide you while you are creating your Instagram content. You can download applications that help in editing posts, drafting captions, schedule posts, and stories.

Applications like the “Plann app” are efficient in helping you research suitable hashtags for your post to aid more publicity. You should use strategy tools in creating Instagram content.

Some content creating tools are:
  • You will need a graphic tool like Canva or SparkPost to create quality content unique to your brand.  
  • Also, you can use a photo editor like Lightroom or VSCO to edit your post’s brightness, white balance, etc.
  • You will find the InShot app useful for your video editing.

3. Create your content themes

The “plann app” has strategy features that enable you to create a content plan in just a minute. All you need is an appropriate theme that suits your post.

There are varieties of Instagram content strategy themes in the Plann app that can quickly help you create a content plan. The themes are suitable for different Instagram content categories. Click here for some examples of themes you can choose from.

4. Choose a posting schedule

Create a posting schedule that you are convenient with. You can choose to post every day, every second day, or weekly. But you have to make sure posting less frequently will not break your bond with your audience. The most important thing is showing up consistently. You can achieve this by scheduling your posting time. It will enable you to build a relationship and trust with your audience.

Having an amazing content plan without a good posting schedule will do no good to your brand. Imagine following a brand with cool content on Instagram and then you have to wait for almost a month for a repost. That might break the brand’s trust relationship with their audience.

Part of the things you must remember when creating your Instagram content strategy are:

  • You must create entertaining content like organizing competitions, games, quizzes, and videos etc.
  • Your content must be educational and informative. You can educate your audience through blog posts, press releases, infographics, etc.
  • Ensure that your content inspires your audience. You can do this by creating a community forum where everyone can air their views about your brand.
  • Your content should convince your audience that you offer the best quality and prices for your products. You can convince them through webinars, case studies, etc.

Instagram Feed Examples to Inspire You

  1. A bold and vibrant feed: This kind of feed gives a warm and accommodating feel to your audience. You can look at Tara Whiteman’s feed to have a clear picture of a bold and vibrant feed.
  2. Pastel feed: An example of a pastel feed is that of Matt Crumps’s Instagram feed.
  3. Puzzle layout feed: An example of an Instagram account with this feed is @juniperoats


Having a good Instagram content strategy guides you in creating captivating content for your audience. Instagram users follow a brand that can give them value worth their precious time. To build a long-lasting relationship with your audience, you need to have an excellent Instagram content strategy.

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