Are you struggling to grow on Instagram? Since Instagram’s latest update to the Explore Page Algorithm, it has been harder to achieve organic growth on Instagram.

When Instagram first started, growing your following was a piece of cake. It seemed like all you had to do was post a couple of pictures with some plain captions and the followers would come.

That’s simply not the case any more. Instagram as a whole has been growing every single year by the millions of users. Meaning there are more accounts, producing more content, on a regular basis.

Before your content was like a water drop in a cup; but now, that cup has turned into an ocean. Therefor its harder for you to stand out and thus harder for you to grow your following on Instagram.

However, when it comes to any social platform there are some core concepts that you can follow in order to maximize organic growth no matter what. Additionally, there are few expert tips you can use to maximize your growth on Instagram.

With that being said, let’s dive into How to Grow on Instagram in 2020. We are going to be listing out 12 Growth Hacks for Instagram.

12 Instagram Growth Hacks

organic instagram growth

1. Posting Consistent Content w/ Value

In order to expose your brand & reach more people on Instagram you need to post consistently. The more often you post the more opportunity your account has to be seen.

When it comes to posting, you should think of your account feed as a TV station. Like clock work your account should be posting new content at relatively the same time everyday.

This creates an expectation in your following. Right before your scheduled posting times followers will be anticipating your next post.

It’s important to remember as well, it isn’t just about posting content consistently. But bringing value to your audience on a consistent basis.

2. Keep a Consistent Feed Theme

If you’re looking to grow on Instagram then you need to have an approachable & visually pleasing account feed.

When people first land on your account they should clearly see what styles & characteristics are consistent with your feed. It only takes milliseconds for someone to decide if they like your content or not.

Therefor you should try your best to come up with a visually pleasing account feed that aligns with your brands characteristics.

For starters, you can try to create a professional Instagram Bio, Posting Template, or Caption Template. All of which will put you one step closer to maximizing your growth on Instagram.

3. Utilizing All Content Types

When Instagram first started our content was confined to only our Account Feed. But over the years, Instagram has created 4 main content avenues for creators to publish their content.

These main content avenues are:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Account Feed
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Live

Each content avenue has a specific style that goes along with it. So it’s important to maximize in the content areas you excel in, while also trying to improve your weaker areas.

For example, if you’re really good at creating video content. Then IGTV will be a perfect place for you to post most of your content.

However, maybe you’re not so good at posting breathtaking photos. This can be the perfect time for you to improve your craft of still photography. While at the same time maximizing your growth with your stellar video content.

organic instagram growth

4. Using the Right Hashtags

If you want to increase your overall reach & exposure on Instagram. Then using hashtags will give you a great advantage!

Hashtags on Instagram have the ability to generate communities around them. This means that not only is your account easier to search & find when using hashtags. But it gets uploaded to the respective hashtag feed for all its community members to enjoy.

Hashtags are like the organic Instagram growth booster you always dreamed of. Hashtags are free, easy to use, & drastically increase your Instagram accounts overall reach & engagement.

5. Writing Meaningful Captions

Tired of seeing the same old captions every where you look on Instagram? That’s because many account owners don’t think about using the caption space effectively.

However, the caption serves as your voice to the community. This gives you a chance to build a voice or character for your brand or business.

Writing meaningful captions can bring you and your followers closer together. Not to mention it gives them something to respond to in the comments. Which ultimately helps your overall growth & exposure.

Not to mention, that you can us CTA’s in order to drive valuable actions from your community. Your content already has their attention, why not direct it with CTA’s in your captions?

6. S4S

Struggling to get noticed in your niche or industry? Have you tried purchasing shoutouts or performing Shoutouts for Shoutouts (S4S).

If you want to grow on Instagram then you’re going to need to introduce yourself to new communities. The best way to do this is through someone that is already trusted in the community. After all, who is more trustworthy than the influencer the community is following?

This is why Shoutouts are so powerful because you’re being promoted by the influencer that the community adores.

organic instagram growth

7. Using Trending Topics 

Trying to go viral on Instagram and hit the Explore Page? Then it’s essential you know whats trending or popular on Instagram and in mainstream society.

Take, for example, COVID-19 when quarantine first started hashtags like #stayhome #quarantine #socialdistancing started to explode with content. Then Instagram lives started to really take off with thousands of influencers, brands & events going live. Additionally, Instagram started to create stickers for Instagram Stories to show your “stay home” content.

With everyone in the world in almost the same situation ~ stuck inside all day every day. There became a massive need for “stay home” content.

This is exactly why we saw a massive rise in content production for Instagram. Simply because there were more people at home with nothing to do and therefore more people surfing the platform for some entertainment.

Knowledge is power. If you know a particular trend or topic is about to take off then its a race to create content before it goes viral!

8. Collaborate w/ Other Accounts 

Struggling to come up with fresh new ideas? If you’re content has become stagnate this could be why you’re not growing on Instagram.

If you’re stuck in a content production rut, one of my favorite strategies to come up with fresh content ideas is to collaborate with others.

Collaboration works similar to a shoutout but goes further beyond just a simply shoutout to the community. Collaborations between accounts should be aimed at bringing something of real value to the audiences.

There are a ton of ways to collaborate with other accounts. You can collaborate on your next piece of content, a giveaway, etc.

9. Go Live!

Don’t you wish there was some way to alert all of your followers at once that you just posted a new piece of content. Well thanks to IG Live that’s 100% possible now!

Instagram Lives has become a massive content avenue for Instagram in 2020. Due to everyone being stuck inside influencers, creators, & celebrities alike have been going live almost every single day. It’s gotten to the point where entire music festivals have been played on Instagram Live!

If you’re looking to maximize your growth & exposure on Instagram in 2020. Then you need to be taking advantage of going live on a regular basis.

organic instagram growth

9. Be an Active Member of the Community

Do you struggle to be noticed in your niche in your industry? The problem could stem from the fact that you’re not engaging with the community.

When it comes to increasing engagement on Instagram there is no better way than being an active member of the community. You need to go out and introduce yourself to new accounts by engaging & writing a comment with value on their page.

Think about going to a party where you don’t know anyone. You can’t expect to make friends by being the silent kid the corner drinking

10. Reward Followers for Engagement

One of my favorite organic Instagram growth hacks is rewarding followers for their engagement. Although followers should be excited to engage with your content regardless it helps to have an incentive for engagement to maximize results.

For example, on my Instagram Account I create cash bounties to reward followers for their engagement. Essentially, I choose one post and at the end of the day and randomly choose one commentor to receive the bounty.

I do this on a semi regular basis to incentive their consistent engagement on my page.

11. Create Community Pods in Your DMs 

If you want to grow on Instagram then you need to have a strong relationship with your community. Creating community DM pods with your most active followers is the perfect way to open a direct line of communication.

These are your star pupil of the community, it would be good to know more about them. You can use these groups to test out new styles, content ideas, and more!

Offer coupons, discounts, prizes, and more inside these groups will create urgency amongst other followers to engage more. In hopes that they too will be chosen to be a member of these community groups.

12. Use Promotions & Ads to Reach New Targeted Audiences

With Instagram’s latest update to the Explore Page Algorithm, organic reach was drastically reduced. Luckily if you have a budget for ad spend, then you can pay to play.

With Promotions/Boosts & Instagram Ads you can push your content to specific target audiences. You can build these audiences off a wide variety of interest, behaviors, & demographics.

Wrap Up

When it comes to organic growth on Instagram, there will be nothing as tremendous as the very beginning. However, with proper growth strategies in place you can still grow fast on Instagram.

Just remember to always provide valuable content and to engage regularly with the community. The goal is to build a strong relationship between you and your followers.

Growing on Instagram within 24H (Even if you don't quite know what to post)