The COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 resulted in a rise in new ways of communication. From Zoom meetings to virtual conferences, people had to rely on new ways to carry out their regular activities. There came Clubhouse, a social media platform that offers an intimate, exclusive community. But, how do you grow on Clubhouse?

Towards the end of 2020, people were already adjusting to the new normal – Virtual communication. This shift was enforced by the safety precautions recommended by the government. Thus, having conferences, events or summits became a problem. The solution to this problem? Virtual meetings.

Several platforms offer this “Virtual communication” service, with some new ones popping up. However, as these platforms kept rising, there came the issue of privacy and the issue of creating a “live setting.” 

Clubhouse came to the rescue.  

What is the Clubhouse APP?

The Clubhouse app is a new social media sensation with its unique twist. Think of a combination of live streaming podcasts with a touch of Snapchat. The app offers live voice chat sessions that disappear forever immediately after the discussion ends. Here, users have the opportunity to join chat rooms across a wide range of topics, all audio-only.

The app was created in May 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and has since gained popularity even among top celebrities. Oprah and Chris Rock have been spotted hosting events or listening on the platform, further cementing its relevance in recent times.

However, Clubhouse is not available for everyone. At the moment, it’s an iOS & invite-only app. This means you have to be invited or let in by someone who is currently an active user of the platform. However, you can download the app on the Apple store and reserve your username while joining the waiting list.

For those already on the platform, especially brands looking to reach a larger audience, let’s talk about how to increase your reach on Clubhouse.

grow on clubhouse

How to Get More Followers on Clubhouse

As a brand, it is crucial to maintain social media presence across any platform that your users might be active. Thus, it is crucial to maximizing your efforts to build a following on Clubhouse.

Since it is a new platform and people are just trying to get around it, we understand that it might not be a straightforward task. 

Here are some tips for growing on Clubhouse.

1. Build an Engaged Clubhouse Community

The Clubhouse app should serve as an opportunity to build an engaged community while growing your influence. 

By creating rooms centered around topics you find interesting, you can engage in valuable conversations with the target audience. This way, you grow on Clubhouse and build your reputation as an industry expert. 

Combined with consistency, your audience might be interested in your profile and connect. Thus, next time you go live, your target audience can get a push notification so they can tune in on time. 

You can also network with other industry experts in their chat rooms, dropping gems and valuable information that may push them to connect. Thus, you get to build business relationships in a new format.

2. Link your Instagram & Twitter Handles

The Clubhouse app provides the ability to link other social media profiles like Instagram and Twitter. You should maximize this feature as they can help your clubhouse community locate you on other platforms.

This feature is a valuable one if maximized. Create a large community with a trusted following, drop useful information during every session. You’ll see your other social media profiles growing since your community wants to connect on other platforms too.

grow on clubhouse

3. Get Customer Feedback from Clubhouse Users

One of the best ways to get market and business feedback is through voice communication. You get to understand the context and tone better compared to written feedback. 

This is an approach that the clubhouse founders use themselves. Sometimes, you’ll see one of the founders pop in to ask for feedback on its users’ app experience. 

So, you can follow this format, create a chatroom and ask for feedback on your latest business idea. You might even be lucky enough to have other entrepreneurs listen in and give you essential advice. 

4. Push for Quality Conversations

The ability of a room to attract enough audience is reliant on its ability to offer quality conversations. The ideal number of speakers in a room is between 6 and 12 speakers. To increase your reach on Clubhouse, we advise that you try to have speakers relevant to the discussion at hand. 

Also, give room for your audience to join in and step to the podium. This way, you’re boosting engagement and providing space for different perspectives on your topic. In all, be fair and push for quality conversation.

5. Focus on Providing Value than Extracting it

The Clubhouse app was built to provide people with new ways to connect and share information. It’s not about pitching or selling your products. So, if you are looking to get more clubhouse followers, you must keep it that way.

Build conversations around great experiences, stories, and expertise while allowing connecting. Now, this doesn’t mean selling doesn’t occur on the platform. Some people do it so plainly.

We recommend that you keep the conversation as productive and educative as possible. If it is relevant to the discussion, you could subtly bring up your service or product. If anyone is interested, they can easily find you on other platforms and connect.

In Conclusion

As a brand, it is essential to keep up with the trend, especially on social media platforms. The Clubhouse app is a rising platform with lots of potentials, especially for brands looking to tap into its unique way of connecting.

So, if you are looking to connect, grow on Clubhouse and get more clubhouse followers, the tips above have you covered. 

Now, you’re all set to build a following on Clubhouse and reach new audiences. 

Good luck!

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