The goal of every clubhouse app user is to generate leads from clubhouse app.  As you may have known, Clubhouse app enables connections with other users. Generating leads from clubhouse is not as easy as when compared to other social media that are existing before.

Generation of lead on clubhouse app is difficult because there is no advertisement on the clubhouse app. Also, direct messages cannot be sent to the clubhouse social network, and the link on the clubhouse app is not clickable.  

Knowing that there are many difficulties associated with lead generation on the clubhouse is not to scare any user. This guide seeks to provide you with every piece of information you need to know regarding the clubhouse lead generating funnel.

Key Takeaway

Generating leads in the clubhouse app requires a genuine connection with others through conversation and events. You also need to understand that a relationship is required between you and your targeted audience to generate leads from clubhouse.

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 You also need to understand that a relationship is required between you and your targeted audience to generate leads from clubhouse app
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What is a Clubhouse App?

The clubhouse is a social media app with a unique and attractive value that fosters interrelationship. It is an audio-only app that involves no video, very little text, and only a small profile picture.

The clubhouse app only involves live conversation on a massive scale with no room for recording for playback. It means that any user that is not available in the clubhouse room will miss out on the event happening.

Clubhouse app creates an avenue for users to connect with people they may not have the chance to meet up with. Ambitious users can use this app to meet their desired personnel for advice in any area of life.

How Does A Clubhouse App Work?

Certain things are needed to be known about the clubhouse app before you can generate leads from clubhouse.

Tracking down an invitation

The first thing to do is to download the clubhouse app and signup on the waitlist. You can also get an invite from a friend or associate that a spare one.

Creation of profile

The next thing after getting the app is to build your profile which is your selling point on the app. Your profile will contain your image, Bio (the first three lines are essential), and links to your Instagram and Twitter profile.

Enlarge your network

The clubhouse app will generate for you a list of people to follow. The list may contain people in your contact list, influencers, and people in the same category as your business line. Notifications about the people you follow will be sent when they start a room and invite about your room to be sent to them.

Enter a room or start a room

A clubhouse app room is a space for people to gather together and talk; it can either be public or private. A user’s role in a clubhouse room varies from being a moderator, listener, or speaker.

Enter a club or start a club

The clubs in the clubhouse are primarily based on the interest, identity, and industry of the club creator. Conversations are being scheduled with relevant people in need of the club’s interest regularly, daily, or weekly.

Generating Leads from Clubhouse

For you to be able to monetize clubhouse effectively, your clubhouse app must be working optimally. Clubhouse engagement pods are used for the clubhouse lead gen funnel.

Lead generation from clubhouse deals with the optimization of your Bio on your clubhouse. Multiple calls to action (CTA) must be included in your clubhouse bio to enhance connection with people.

Collaboration with influencers and like-minded personalities in your network is vital for the image of your clubhouse. This may be easy because everybody does benefit from leading discussions and teaming up as a team.

Business announcements and knowledgeable bombs should be dropped in big clubhouse rooms. It will create awareness for your room and encourage a potential client to join your room.

Make an engagement pod i.e. host a clubhouse room with other start-up leaders to participate as a team. Clubhouse algorithm will be triggered if it is done with other influencers and will tell more people to join.

Encourage people in your room to connect with you through your Instagram or Twitter link on your Bio. Signup for tools (mobilemonkey, chatbot) will help react to all the lead generated.


By now, you should be aware of everything you need to know on how to generate leads from clubhouse app and monetize clubhouse. The most important thing is to create a bio and get a tool to send the lead to marketing funnels.

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