You’ve heard of the new social media craze – Clubhouse. After begging, pleading, and finding ways to get in, you’re finally here; you have received that exclusive invite. But, how do you get the best of this app? How do you create a popular Clubhouse Chatroom? We’ll be answering these questions and some more!

The Clubhouse app was created in May 2020. The founders designed the application to meet people’s demands for new ways to connect and share information during the pandemic. 

Just like the traditional Clubhouse, the Clubhouse app is exclusive, even after you’ve gotten in. Users get to create or join private groups that span across different niches tailored to their interests. 

But, how do you Create your Clubhouse chatroom?

How to Create a Room on Clubhouse

Creating a Clubhouse Chatroom is straightforward. 

To create your clubhouse chatroom, you need to tap the green button at your screen’s bottom when on your feed. When creating this room, remember to “add a topic” and niche to help potential audiences discover your chatroom with ease. 

We’ll discuss discoverability later in this article. 

Another way to set up your clubhouse chatroom is by scheduling a room by going to the events page (the calendar icon at the top bar). Once you get to the page, click on the top right Icon to schedule a discussion. 

When you schedule your discussions ahead of time, your followers get a notification to know when the event will start. 

That said, the key to enjoying this app or attaining popularity in this app is by creating a popular Clubhouse Chatroom. The more popular your chatroom, the more enjoyable your discussions get. 

But, how do you achieve this? 

Let’s take a look at some tips for a successful room in Clubhouse.

host a room on clubhouse

Tips to a successful room on Clubhouse

It’s one thing to get into the Clubhouse platform; setting up a successful Clubhouse Chatroom is another issue on its own. 

We understand how hard it could be for new users and brands to maximize their social media presence. Thus, we have gathered some practical tips just for you. 

Here are some of the best rules for a clubhouse room to succeed.

1. Remember the Primary Aim of Clubhouse

This is probably the most important tip you’ll read anywhere. The Clubhouse app was designed with the primary aim of connecting and sharing information, not room size and follower counts. 

By creating your clubhouse chatrooms with the rule above in mind, you get to create enough space for every member to participate. Although larger rooms are exciting, smaller rooms tend to nail their discussion topics and are often easier to manage.

Also, by sticking to the platform’s primary aim, you’ll be able to give enough attention to your audience. Thus, allowing listeners to step up when needed to participate in the discussion.

2. Make Your Topic Inviting

Just like any social media platform out there, users like to engage with exciting topics. There are several ways to achieve this; we’ll discuss some.

It would be best to keep your topics wide enough to attract more listeners and inspire more fluid conversations. However, you should ensure the subject doesn’t deviate from the primary aim of the discussion.

If you are looking to create a smaller room with quality impact, you can go for a more specific topic. This topic will attract people interested in such discussions, thereby creating a more informed discussion.

moderate room on clubhouse

3. Moderate Your Chatroom Often

It is important to keep the discussion active and engaging. Remember, the aim is to provide the best experience and content possible. 

So, you should refresh your stage often, remove the inactive speakers and bring up people from the audience to participate in the discussion. This way, you get to bring new perspectives to the conversation, giving your audience a sense of relevance.

4. Set the Rules for the Room and Keep them Clear

When thinking of the best ways to run your room, it is essential to know that the possibilities are endless. You should also know that your room management approach would affect the audience’s overall experience, speakers, and topic discussions.

So, you should find an approach that suits you, your personality, and your target audience. Whatever you decide, keep the rules clear. It would be best to emphasize the rules often to help new listeners understand how the room is being run.

5. Grow Your Connection & Have a Team of Moderators

As your popularity grows within the platform, you’ll notice growth in your listening audience as well. At this point, it is time to have a dedicated team of moderators to help maintain orderliness. 

Hosting and moderating a large audience is very tricky. So, we advise you to connect with people who connect naturally with people and ask them to be moderators for your next Clubhouse chatroom

In Conclusion

The Clubhouse app has continued to get love across the social media space. There are tons of active users, and more are coming in daily. So, if you’ve already gotten in, you might want to build your authority in time. 

Setting up successful Clubhouse chatrooms is essential to achieve this authority. Not only does this help to build your authority within the platform, but it also boosts your brand and helps you connect with a new audience. 

If used right, the Clubhouse app is a useful tool for connecting and sharing information. Meaning, it can serve as a useful tool for brands looking to reach out to new audiences in a new way.

The tips shared above shows how to create a Clubhouse chatroom and create a successful room on Clubhouse. With these tips, we are sure that your clubhouse experience would be a lot better.We look forward to your Clubhouse chatrooms.

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