Are you searching for trending songs on TikTok to help your next video go viral? If you’re an active TikTok Creator, then you know just how powerful a trending song on TikTok can be for your videos views, engagement, & reach.

While TikTok does have their Sounds page organized nicely to show you all their viral sounds, new releases, & other genres. It can be difficult at times to figure out which trending TikTok song you should be using in your video to go viral.

You’re in luck!

Just below we are uncovering some essential Content Creator Tools to Find Trending Songs on TikTok. Plus, we are going to give you some pro tips on how to pick the right TikTok song to go viral.

How Do Trending TikTok Songs Help You Go Viral?

If you’re searching for trending TikTok songs, chances are you know just how powerful they can be for your videos. A viral song on TikTok can sometimes 10-100x your views & engagement on your videos. Sounds incredible right?

For most TikTok creators, they want to produce their own content entirely from scratch. However when you do this, you take an opportunity costs because people are not actively searching for your sounds. Therefore, by using trending songs on TikTok you give your videos more opportunities to be found and consumed by other users.

This is especially true when a song is extremely viral on TikTok. For example, Jason Derulo’s song Savage Love was taking over TikTok by storm. The song had its own dance and challenge, allowing it to go incredibly viral. Just by using this song in your content, you were guaranteed to get more engagement than usual. That’s because the TikTok FYP Algorithm is suggesting content using this sound to hundreds of thousands of TikTok users.

Take note of this methodology because this process repeats itself all the time on TikTok. If your smart, you can really take advantage of viral sounds & songs on TikTok to grow a massive following.

Where to Find Trending Songs on TikTok?

1. TikTok’s Viral Sound Chart

When searching for popular songs on TikTok the first place to check is the app itself. TikTok has done a fantastic job of categorizing their sounds page to resemble that of Billboard.

TikTok has taken the liberty to even create a TikTok Viral Sound section where you can find all the current viral sounds on TikTok. This is incredibly useful if you are an on the go creator looking for a quick hack to help your TikTok videos go viral.

find trending songs on tiktok

2. Current Top Hits on Radio

One thing that makes a TikTok video go viral is relatability. The more relatable your content is the easier it is for others to connect with it. There are songs and sounds that are relatable to an entire generation, so its always important to do your research on what’s popular in mainstream society.

If you’re looking for hit songs on the radio check out some of these resources below:

3. Use Third Party Analytic Software

Looking for a helpful creator tool to find trending songs on TikTok? Well thanks to the popularity of TikTok and some creative computer science engineers there are now third party apps that analyze TikTok.

find trending tiktok songs

After avidly searching around on google for social media marketing tools to help my content, I stumbled across something very interesting. There is a platform called Tokboard that provides all the top trending TikTok songs, they even let you know how many videos have used the sound as well as total views.

This can be an incredibly powerful TikTok Creator tool because you can now spot songs that have high demand but a low amount of content. Therefore, you can start to position your TikTok content on the cusps of viral songs and trends. Thus, allowing you to generate a massive amount of views & engagements on your future TikTok videos.

4. Popular Influencers, Creators or Artists

If you really want to get meta with your search for trending songs on TikTok. Then you need to start paying attention to the big players on TikTok. These creators, influencers and artists are constantly putting out songs and dances in order to gain some viral momentum.


I can’t stop watching this @justmaiko

♬ Savage Love (Laxed – Siren Beat) – Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo

I know for a fact both Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo, & Tyga have been putting out new hit singles specifically for TikTok. These songs have reached insane heights in terms of popularity and viral momentum.

If you’re looking for an easy way to go viral on TikTok. Then you should start creating content for these creator’s songs or sounds as soon as they are released. Not only will the creators start to take notice and lead to a potential collaboration. In addition, it will put your content in a great position before the real TikTok community gets news of the sound.

5. TikTok Trends & Challenges

When it comes to trends & challenges on TikTok they are born, live a short while, & die fast. Thus, giving you a short window to get in there, create some content, & take advantage of the viral momentum.

Now not every challenge or trend on TikTok has a specific viral sound or song to go with it. However, a large portion of them do. Therefore, ,this can be a great place to do some last minute research.

The more often you use TikTok and create content. The easier it will be to spot these trends & challenges before they go mainstream viral.

Wrap Up

Now, we have given you all the best places to find trending songs on TikTok. When it comes to going viral on TikTok great content goes a long way. However, using trending TikTok songs can be extremely helpful to make your content viral.

It’s not always about being first, but it helps. When you’re doing your research don’t get to caught up in what content to produce that you miss the viral window. TikTok content is short, sweet and to the point. Don’t sacrifice viral momentum trying to create the most professional video of your life.

If you’re looking to really go viral on TikTok, make sure to check out some of our Viral TikTok Services we offer.

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