Facebook is pushing out organic reach. Brands will have to work extremely hard to gain any traction with organic reach in the coming years. However, paid Facebook ads are blossoming. Meaning High Converting Facebook Ad Strategies are becoming more of a necessity than ever.

Changes in Facebook’s algorithm are making it necessary for brands to invest their ad dollars in Facebook paid ads. While the change may be annoying for brands that enjoy substantial organic reach, Facebook is far from a lost cause. 

Unfortunately, with constant changes to their algorithm, Facebook ads can be difficult to master. The top converting Facebook ad strategies will look different for every business and goal. But there are some principles that stand up over time.

Keep reading for the Best Facebook ad strategies for 2020 and beyond. 

facebook ad strategies

Set Your Facebook Ad Goals

Marketers will offer plenty of Facebook Ads best practices, but everything starts with setting goals. Without a clear goal for your ads, you will end up wasting money without seeing real results. Your goals will help determine the types of ads you run, who you target, and what you track. 

Your goal could be the number of qualified leads you hope to gain or a dollar amount earned. The only way you can ever increase Facebook Ad conversions is to first define what a conversion is for your brand. Setting goals will also help you track your progress and determine how well your ads perform over time. 

facebook ad strategies

Pick the Right Target Audience

Facebook offers businesses a wealth of information on users. When it comes to the right Facebook Ad strategy, pinpointing your target audience is crucial. In order to optimize your Facebook Ads strategy, you may have to refine your audience over time, but you should start by selecting an audience that matches your goals. 

You can narrow down your audience by location, age, interests, and other demographic information. The Facebook IQ platform offers insightful trends on consumers for businesses, and Facebook uses that data to help brands optimize their ads. By targeting your campaigns, you can reduce waste in terms of spending and help your ad dollars go farther. 

facebook ad strategies

Choose the type of ad

The type of ad you run will depend on your goals and your audience. You can create an ad that raises awareness of your brand and increases your reach, one that encourages users to interact with your brand or ads that drive conversions from lead to buyer. If you are looking to improve your Facebook Ads strategy, make sure the type of ad you are running aligns with your goals. 

Use content that engages your audience

Ad creative is crucial when it comes to developing high converting Facebook Ads. Quality images and creative copy are necessary to catch your audience’s attention. Ads that are entertaining or add value to your target audience are less likely to feel like ads. Remember that people are bombarded with Facebook Ads and digital ads all day, so yours has to stand out in order to be noticed. 

A video is still a popular option for social media ads. Videos are engaging and attention-grabbing, and these types of ads provide great insights into your users’ behavior. Mobile-friendliness is also a key component of your Facebook Ad strategy. Almost half of the eCommerce sales in the US are generated from mobile devices.

facebook ad strategies

Choose a call to action 

Your call to action should align with the type of ad you are running and your goals. In order to create high converting Facebook ads, you have to provide a clear next step through a call to action. Your call to action should be easy for your audience to follow through on and require a short amount of time. Pair your call to action with the right link or create a separate landing page to funnel traffic from your Facebook Ads. 

facebook ad strategies

Test your campaigns

If you want to refine your Facebook Ads strategy, you will have to track and test your campaigns. Consistently checking in on your ads and making modifications will provide the data you need to optimize your Facebook Ads strategy. There is no perfect formula for Facebook Ads, and it will take time and attention to get your Facebook Ads in the best shape possible.

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