Are you looking for help with Facebook ads for beginners? Facebook ads offer your business the chance to reach active & engaged audiences on both Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook ads enable you to reach your customers based on their demographics, interests, behaviors and so much more. Making it possible for your business to develop laser targeted audiences for your Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Brands can optimize their ads to better deliver their message and optimize their marketing efforts through Facebook ads. Creating & optimizing your Facebook Ad strategy is vital for the growth or success of your brand.

While Facebook is well-known as a powerful advertising tool. Many business owners find themselves wondering how to get started with Facebook ads for beginners.

Starting on Facebook ads is not as complicated or time-consuming as it may seem. Keep reading for Facebook ads manager help and a complete guide to Facebook ads for beginners. 

facebook ads for beginners

Why should you advertise on Facebook?

There are countless options when it comes to spending your marketing and advertising budget.

If you haven’t used Facebook ads before, you may find yourself asking: “is truly worth my time/resources”

While Facebook ads may not be the optimal advertising channel for every single brand. Many businesses have found great success through their ad service. Both new and established brands can utilize powerful tools on Facebook ads manager to boost their advertising efforts. 

Get your content in front of a captive audience

facebook ads for beginners

There are more than 2.4 billion users on Facebook that are active each month, and that number is growing every quarter.

Facebook users spend a considerable amount of time on the app daily, offering a captive audience for your branded content.

The engaged traffic on the platform provides marketers with an unmatched opportunity to get ads in front of people. 

facebook ads for beginners

Target your audience 

With so much information shared on Facebook by users, the platform provides incredible data and detailed profiles on users.

Businesses utilizing Facebook ads can leverage this data to target their ideal consumers. You can set up targeted audiences to pair your products and services with users based on their behaviors and traits as well as interests and demographic information. 

Raise awareness for your brand

facebook ads for beginners

Having a Facebook business page is a must for most businesses today.

You can boost your online presence by running paid ads on Facebook and offering more ways for consumers to connect with your brand.

Whether you are generating awareness for a new business or improving recognition for an established brand, Facebook ads get your content and brand in front of countless consumers. 

Your Guide to Starting on Facebook Ads

With a little Facebook ads help, setting up your Facebook ads account and campaigns can be straightforward.

Thankfully, the Facebook ad manager is designed to be used by businesses and offers fairly intuitive tools and features.

Once you set up your account, you can test various ad campaigns and content.

Utilize the reporting tools from Facebook to track the success of your campaigns and make changes to optimize your ads in the future. 

facebook ads for beginners

Create a Facebook Business Manager account 

Before you can do anything else, you have to set up a Facebook Business Manager account.

Visit to create a Business Manager account for your brand. You will need to provide your business name and Facebook page as well as your contact information. 

Once your Business Manager account has been created, set up an advertising account within the Business Settings section.

Select Create a New Ad Account if this is your first time advertising on Facebook. You will be guided through the setup process to connect your Business Manager, Facebook account, and ad account.

When your setup is complete, you will be able to access your advertising hub. 

Set up your Facebook Pixel 

facebook ads for beginners

The Facebook pixel enables you to track the success of your campaigns and ads. A Facebook pixel is a tracking code that is added to your website’s code.

You can create a unique Facebook pixel within your Business Manager account and add it to your website to ensure you can track traffic and actions taken based on your Facebook ads. 

Create your target audience

Creating target audiences is crucial to your success with Facebook ads.

As we mentioned above, there are billions of users on Facebook each day and you have to sift through them to make your ads more effective. Targeting your audience gets your branded content in front of consumers who will most likely be interested in your business.

Within Business Manager, you can create targeted lists based on defining features. 

Facebook Ads Help

Once you have your account and audience information set up, it is time to work on your ad content.

Start by testing your Facebook ads with a lower budget, so you can better determine which strategies work and eliminate those that do not.

When you start noticing positive results, you can raise your budget to meet your advertising needs. 

facebook ads for beginners

Design an ad that gets noticed

Considering your audience is essential to designing Facebook ads that get noticed.

You have to know the type of content that appeals to your audience, so you can structure your ads accordingly. If your target audience watches videos, video content may perform better. You can also use words or terminology that resonates with your audience and offers a solution to their needs or challenges.

While there are countless best practices and guides for designing Facebook ads, the most effective ads are the ones designed for your target audience. 

facebook ads for beginners

Analyze your campaign results

Facebook provides a ton of fascinating data, but it can be difficult to digest all of the information and make actionable decisions.

Start by focusing on your impressions and cost per 1,000 impressions to see just how many people are viewing your ads and what each view is costing you.

You should also pay attention to your click-through rate and link clicks to learn how many people are taking action based on your ads. 

facebook ads for beginners

Set up retargeting ads

Retargeting ads keep your brand in front of people who have already shown interest in your ads.

You can continue to collect valuable data on your target audience by tracking how they interact with future ads. Track users as they take various actions based on your ad strategy and determine which ads and styles work best for your audience.

Retargeting ads offer a powerful way to lightly stalk your target audience on social media, keeping your brand and content front and center. 

Get inspired

Start paying attention to Facebook ads that interest you.

What are other brands doing to capture the attention of their audience and encourage action?

You can test a variety of strategies and content to determine what works best for your ideal consumer and what receives the best results. Overall, Facebook ads involve a learning process.

The more time you spend testing ad campaigns, tracking results, and making modifications, the more optimized your Facebook advertising efforts will become.

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