Are you looking to boost the returns from your Facebook advertising in 2021? Then there are new updates you need to know about. Keeping up with the latest Facebook ad updates will help you know the right thing to do at each given time. And this helps you to optimize your effort and revenue consistently.

So, let’s get on with these new Facebook updates.

Key Takeaway

To up your Facebook advertising, there are some latest Facebook ad updates you must know. Top Facebook ad updates for 2021 include – Exclusion controls, Facebook Stars, Short video monetization, Ads for the visually impaired, Customer feedback store, etc

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1. Exclusion controls for Facebook ads

For ages, facebook ad specialists have been annoyed how their ads end up next to very unrelated posts on the news feeds. Imagine your fashion ad winding up next to a piece of gruesome death news.

But in 2021, you would be able to exclude your ads from appearing near specific posts, thanks to this update.

Although this new 2021 Facebook advertising update is still in beta testing, it would be a highly welcome change.

2. It’s now best to post videos that work without sound

I bet you didn’t know there’s an option on Facebook to turn off sounds for all videos. It would shock you to know that about 85% of users have been watching your Facebook ad videos without sound.

And a study of Facebook video ads revealed that about 41% of them were incomprehensible without sound.

Now, try to re-watch your past video ads with the sound off. Perhaps you now see why your Facebook ads have been getting fewer click-throughs than expected.

In 2021, create your ad videos to be understandable without sound, possibly by adding subtitles.

3. Seemingly user-generated Facebook ads are outperforming business ads

Another Facebook ad update for 2021 is to create your ads from a customer’s point of view. The idea is that your prospects are more likely to trust what other customers are saying than the business owner themselves.

So when you create your ad photos and videos, use mobile-shot.

Facebook has shown that mobile shots outperform studio shots to a large extent: 84% more effective in capturing users’ interests and 63% better at driving sales. Why is that? Because mobile shots appear to have been taken by a customer compared to high production value studio shots.


4. Facebook now allows short video monetization

Before now, ad creators can only monetize videos at least three minutes longs. But a Facebook ad update as of March 2021 is that you can now monetize your videos as short as one minute. In the weeks to come, we may be seeing the monetization of story ads that appear like stickers.

5. Facebook has launched its Stars Program

The Stars program is one of the latest Facebook updates, allowing content creators to monetize their live videos. When you have a live stream going on, users will see an offer to collect free Stars. They can then send these Stars to you (it’s a sort of virtual currency), like a tip. You can then convert these Stars to raw cash. You just need to make your Facebook videos interesting enough for streamers to want to send you a gift.

Furthermore, there is an enhancement to this new Facebook update. Comments sent with Stars will now be pinned so other users can see them.

6. Photo descriptions for visually impaired people

The Facebook Ad Updates Every Ad Specialist Should Know

Although visually impaired Facebook users can read texts using the synthetic voice AI, it’s not so for visual ads. So if you upload an image or video ad without tagging it with automatic alternative text (AAT), you’d be sidelining the visually impaired.

But one of the new 2021 updates on Facebook is an improved AAT. This new update allows the AI to identify more details about the visual content. These include landmarks, position, and size of elements in the picture, etc. So even the blind can now relate better to your Facebook ads.


7. Facebook is continuously removing ad targeting options

There are five primary audiences on Facebook,  based on location, demographics, interests, behavior, connections.

But notably, Facebook is trying so hard to provide a safe platform without any form of discrimination. And for the past couple of years, it has been removing ad targeting options it feels are discriminatory or irrelevant.

In 2018, over 5,000 targeting options related to religion and ethnicity were scrapped. In 2019, those related to housing were removed to prevent discrimination in terms of housing and employment. And in 2020, it was the redundant targeting options that were removed.

These changes to Facebook advertising in 2021 is to make ad targeting by ad specialist much easier. Although several targeting options have been removed, there is still more than enough to reach your target audience.

8. Customer Feedback Score

Another notable priority of Facebook is to foster user experience. Facebook doesn’t want users to get frustrated by the services offered by advertisers. So one of the Facebook business manager updates is checking how customers view your products or services. Are your products or services accurately represented in your ads? Do customers get exactly what they expected from their purchase? Facebook obtains this information by making customer surveys and giving you a Feedback Score based on it.

The score ranges from 0 to 5, with 0 being the worst score.

So some new changes to Facebook advertising for 2021 is that:

  • If your page has a Feedback Score of less than 1, you won’t be allowed to advertise.
  • For pages having a score between 1-2, your ad will reach fewer people for the same ad budget.

Click here to check your customer feedback score.

9. No more 28-day click attribution window

Before now, Facebook will report conversions on your ad even when a user clicks 28 days after you published the ad. But in 2021, unfortunately, you would no longer enjoy that time frame. That’s because Facebook has moved to a 7-day click and 1-day view attribution. So you will only see conversion reports if users click only within 7 days of placing the ad.

Final words

Facebook advertising is ever-changing. And as an ad specialist looking to optimize your campaign, you must watch out for these changes. Whether positive or negative, harnessing these 2021 Facebook ad updates is what makes the difference.

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