The Clubhouse app is growing remarkably every day. Numerous people have several reasons for being on the app and for hosting clubhouse rooms. Nevertheless, as a host, if you want to enjoy your clubhouse experience, you need to have some clubhouse room host tips.

There are several tips for hosting a clubhouse room to help you be a good host. They also help your clubhouse room grow into an exciting and healthy environment for you and your members.

Hosting a room in a clubhouse requires a lot of mental skill and positivity. Fortunately, all you need to know to be a good clubhouse room host is in this guide.

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Best Tips for Clubhouse Hosts

Key Takeaways

A clubhouse room host is the creator of the room. They are also a moderator of the clubhouse room.

To be a good clubhouse room host, there are certain things you need to know how to do. Some of these things include learning how to manage time, setting suitable rules for the room, and choosing excellent and attractive topics.

Best Tips for Clubhouse Hosts

Clubhouse room host tips need to be followed by hosts and moderators to make the clubhouse room efficient and of a high standard. These tips are simply experiences by several clubhouse hosts. Each of these experiences gave a positive result. And, they are being practiced by other hosts to get the same positive results.

That said, there are several tips to make your housing experience in the clubhouse easier and fun-filled. Accordingly, here are some tips for hosting a room in the clubhouse.

1. Set rules for the clubhouse room:

Whenever a clubhouse room is created, the creator always has a purpose for the action—a reason for the group’s existence. Therefore, as a host, you need to set rules that rhyme with your purpose for the room.

These rules create a healthy environment and make your hosting job easier. In addition, whoever is in the group must have agreed to the rules and agreed to abide by the rules. At certain intervals, you should repeat the rules so that everyone knows what to do and what not to do. This action is in case members might have gotten distracted along the line.

2. Give out moderator badges:

As the room grows, you will no longer be able to handle the room all by yourself. You can ask very active members to be moderators in your current or next room.

They help you start conversations and carry out other tiresome responsibilities. Furthermore, with trustable moderators, you don’t have to always be around during a conversation.

clubhouse room host tips

3. Manage time:

A speaker gets boring when they speak for too long. This makes the whole conversation get boring too. Also, speaking too long may talk you off the topic of the discussion.

Hosting a room in clubhouse demands being stern even though you want to get along with everyone in the room. Also, you might not want to have to alert someone when they are taking too much time. Alternatively, you may not want to stop them from speaking abruptly. If any of this is the case, you should set a timer for the room. That way, you are under the control of time.

Furthermore, it can be stated in the rules of the clubhouse room the duration a member has when allowed to speak. Usually, hosts give their members 30-60 seconds for the introduction.

4. Use an attractive room topic:

The best clubhouse room hosts have exciting topics for the conversation in the clubhouse room. However, don’t use a widespread title. Such titles bore people. Instead, use vast topics if you want to lure in more members with varying opinions for a charming room. But if you need a smaller and more focused audience, then you should use vet-specific topics.

Also, adding a few emojis to your topic wouldn’t hurt. They make the room seem fun. Nevertheless, don’t be tempted to add too many emojis. It throws away the authenticity of the room and makes you look like a spam clubhouse room.

5. Choose connection over followership:

Of all the best clubhouse host tips, this is the most important. Some people get carried away by the desire to use members to gain more followers. However, that fails to achieve the purpose of the clubhouse room and the clubhouse app at large.  

Therefore, as a good host, you are to ensure that your members can connect. The purpose of every social media platform is connection. As a result, that should be the overall purpose of your room before your purpose. Engage well with members and make them engage with each other. Make the room a family. Portray equally and fairness, respect, and politeness. That way, you can establish a bond. When you can establish a ‘connection,’ getting followers will turn out to be a piece of cake.


Being a clubhouse room host can be translated as being the head of a family or the head of a department. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make the environment suitable for everyone. It would, however, be best if you had a guide to help you. Thus, these clubhouse room host tips are essential for all clubhouse room hosts.

What are your thoughts on this? Was it helpful? Do you think it can help you become a good clubhouse host? We’d love to hear from you. Kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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