Getting the best clubhouse app ideas is important for Clubhouse users. The clubhouse is an audio-only social media launched recently. Specifically, the app helps foster deep conversation and meet interesting people to help your brand.

If you are looking for an avenue to build communities through vocal interaction, the clubhouse is there for you. When you speak, people listen to your opinion, and they can reply to you immediately. Conversations like this nurture relationships and connections among users.

Also, it is possible to get engaging content from the clubhouse house room. All you have to do is to adjust your settings to be in line with your interests. But how can you be a participant in a clubhouse room? It can only be through invite.

Key Takeaways

The clubhouse app creates an avenue for the user to join or create a room based on their ideas. Therefore, the clubhouse topic ideas of a particular user-only attract users that are in that category.  With the best ideas, you can create an engaging room holding top-class conversations.

Table of Contents

Top 10 Clubhouse Ideas:

  1. Creating an Interview Avenue
  2. Starting a Debate on Popular Topics
  3. Creating opportunity for Group Exercises, Games, and Immersions
  4. Discussion of Activities Happening on the Media
  5. Dialogue about Recent Happenings 
  6. Issuing an Announcement through the Clubhouse
  7. Connection with Investors via the Clubhouse app
  8. Connecting Over a Watch Party
  9. Opportunity for Exploration
  10. Unpacking a Sub-Topic

Top 10 Clubhouse Ideas

1. Creating an Interview Avenue

In this case, it would be better to initiate a one-on-one interview around your area of interest. Asking questions in this areas generates knowledge and helps to uncover unknown facts.

For example, if you are passionate about entrepreneurship, you can invite and engage a successful entrepreneur. It could even be influencers with vast knowledge about something you would like to know.

The clubhouse room ideas help to pull a large audience and encourages active participation in the interview.

Create an instance where users can begin to discuss two or more closely related objects or scenarios. For instance, your clubhouse room discussion can centre around pets, occasion, or government. Whatever it may be, make it debatable by asking interesting questions.

Popular clubhouse room topics like these allow the audience inside the room to engage in more extended productive discussions. Thus, every user can state their view and opinion about the topic under discussion without intimidation or interference.

3. Creating opportunity for Group Exercises, Games, and Immersions

Games and exercises are ideal ways of increasing the engagement level in your clubhouse room. It doesn’t have to be one; you can change the activities as much as you want. There is a higher probability that the invited users will find the activities that interest them among all.

The clubhouse topic ideas may be helpful to ignite users that are getting bored already. Hence, ensure the engagement level remains on a deeper level.

4. Discussion of Activities Happening on the Media

The clubhouse provides users inside the room to discuss news media articles or a recent podcast activity. However, the nature of the topic will determine the number of people that will subscribe to the conversation.

clubhouse app ideas
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5. Dialogue about Recent Happenings 

The clubhouse room also brings people together and creates an avenue for discussion about recent happening that needs necessary action. The clubhouse room ideas derived from the participant are considered, and the best approach to things is selected.

6. Issuing an Announcement through the Clubhouse

The clubhouse app can be used to issue announcements about your brand once your audience has grown. A chat can enlighten your client about your decision and have a meaningful discussion with them.

The clubhouse app can also be used to announce the launching of a particular product. It will build anticipation among your community, and direct feedback can also be gotten about the brand.

7. Connection with Investors via the Clubhouse app

The clubhouse creates an opportunity for a startup to meet investors and make a valuable business connection. In fact, feedback about an idea can be gotten immediately from the investor, who could be used for product improvement.

8. Connecting Over a Watch Party:

The clubhouse room can connect people and discuss what is going on in real life. It may vary from a live football match or a live movie series.

9. Opportunity for Exploration:

The clubhouse allows users to discuss the big question; it may be in the form of a personal question. The question makes way for the fans to have fun and also an exploration of themselves. 

10. Unpacking a Sub-Topic:

The popular clubhouse room topics include sports, hustle, life, etc., and users can discuss them. Similarly, as the owner of a club or event, you can decide to have a subtopic related to your line of business.


The clubhouse app ideas will help business owners to create a clubhouse room for their business. Also, inside the clubhouse room, different ideas and topics relevant to their business are discussed by the subscribers.

The clubhouse topic idea helps subscribers to determine their level of involvement and participation in the clubhouse room. Lastly, the topic for discussion varies from one room to the other and is determined by the room owner.

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