Every business that wants to attain its potential needs to capitalize on organic Instagram growth services. The impact of Instagram on the success of bringing your business online is immeasurable. That said, how can you organically grow your Instagram account to gain more visibility for your business?

You need to know that growing your Instagram account without working smart might take a very long time to generate results. This is to say; it is very difficult and stressful to grow your followers to a significant size on Instagram.

To save yourself time on fruitless personal attempts, you need an Instagram growth service, an indispensable tool to supercharge your business growth on Instagram. Follow this thread to discover the top 15 organic Instagram growth services that will be beneficial to your online presence.

organic instagram growth services

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What this allows is for hyper-targeting and precision following. Unlike a lot of the other Instagram Growth Services out there, Socialiser EU connects your account with real people in your area.

Your Instagram account is important to you, why not give it to the best organic growth providers in the game? Check out Socialiser EU before you get into the other Instagram growth automation services below.


1. Ampfluence

Ampfluence is a one-of-a-kind Instagram growth service that strengthens your Instagram influence by generating real followers. When you subscribe to this Instagram growth service, it guarantees organic Instagram growth that excludes bots and fake accounts.

Ampfluence is a human-powered service that starts with a consultation to understand your target audience and to employ the best strategy to reach them. The Ampfluence Instagram organic growth service comes with many packages aside from consultation. To avoid generating fake followers, it studies your niche to understand how it works.

Based on the information gathered, it will engage your audience by providing timely interaction. Then, to better understand the result, they use analytics and reply to comments on every post on your Instagram page.

You can subscribe to three different packages with Ampfluence. The Engagement Package ($129 per month) helps to maintain Instagram account interactivity. The Growth package ($199 per month) extends to cover hashtag research and standard reporting. In contrast, the Growth x2 package ($299 per month) includes priority support and custom reporting.

Although Ampfluence charges higher for their Instagram growth automation, you rest assured of high-quality service that augments your brand or business account to your satisfaction.

2. Viral Race

This is a unique Instagram growth tool that provides likes to every content you post on Instagram. It functions naturally by providing likes to your post to build engagement. It is an Instagram growth automation that increases likes gradually and systematically.

One interesting fact about Viral Race is that every like you get on your post is from authentic Instagram users. It assures you of genuine likes and followers. Hence you don’t need to be bothered about fake followers, spam, or bots likes whenever you make a post on Instagram.

Viral Race is an Instagram growth automation that detects your post automatically; then, it starts generating likes. Regardless of the volume of the content you created in a month, Viral Race is powerful to create awareness for them. The main goal of Viral Race is to ensure your posts gain the needed attention from the right audience.

There are different Viral Race plans depending on your business needs, and it offers extensive customer support. Viral Race is a cost-effective service for every business accounts because it focuses on likes rather than followers. 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not convinced with the service.

organic instagram growth services

3. Kicksta

Kicksta is one of the most famous and influential Instagram growth services. They offer organic growth that doesn’t include bots or attract spam or fake followers to your Instagram account. Their services guarantee the generation of genuine Instagram followers that have an interest in your business.

With the aid of AI technology, Kicksta attracts and engages your potential followers. This service helps you to organically grow your Instagram account by gathering information about your niche and competitors on Instagram. This information helps in targeting the right audience for your brand.

Their automation service combines growing your followers and adding likes to post relevant influences and prospective followers. Kicksta organic Instagram growth services come in two packages, namely standard plan and premium plan. However, for extensive services that include customer support.

4. Social Captain

Just like the name sounds, the Social Captain offers an AI-powered social media management service to help your business grow organically on Instagram. This Instagram growth service is a high-quality tool for targeting potential followers with the capability of reaching over 150 prospects efficiently and effectively.

The AI technology of Social Captain does the targeting, while all you need to provide is detailed information about your niche. For effective targeting, you need to provide data on your top competitors, targets, and location. Based on the information provided, they develop a custom target plan that matches your account needs.

Their method of growing your account includes engaging prospective followers by sending a direct message to them. This technique helps to build a connection between your brand and its followers. The Social Captain offers you 30-day free trials to determine if their plans are suitable for you.

Suppose their plan aligns with your Instagram growth needs. In that case, there are varieties of options you can select to grow your account organically. Depending on your choice, there are weekly, monthly, and annual plans. Also, every plan comes with its calculated discount.

5. Tree Frog

Tree Frog ranks high among the top Instagram growth tools that offer account augmentation. Their processes guarantee rapid organic growth on Instagram that are relevant to your niche. Tree Frog’s Instagram growth services help you increase your followers and keep them engaged through interactions.

Tree Frog uses advanced targeting that requires data about your niche, competitor, location, and expected targets. One unique feature of Tree Frog is offering a stress-free experience. Getting on board with Tree Frog doesn’t require a complicated process. You need to provide little information about your brand or business.

Tree Frog Instagram growth services are 100% organic with an assurance of consistency over time. Never at any point would you be generating fake followers or bots. Their methodology builds your online presence and engages your followers on Instagram effectively.

organic instagram growth services

6. Upleap

When thinking about Instagram growth services, Upleap should be one of the platforms that come to your mind. Upleap is an ideal virtual social media manager for engaging, growing, and experiencing a significant turnaround.

 Today, in social media marketing, Upleap possesses formidable marketing tools to generate real account interactions. This service can offer your Instagram account above 200% engagement rate.

Upleap can provide hashtags that keep you engage for a long time on Instagram in terms of trending on social media. Gradually, your brand will gain the attention and audience it requires on social media platforms.

Every new subscriber gets a 3-days free trial that builds your understanding of their Instagram growth automation, including a smart targeting strategy. If your goal is to boost your Instagram engagement, you should be considering Upleap – they guarantee authentic followers over time.

7. Social Buddy

No doubt that social buddy is one of the best organic Instagram growth tools; every business or brand can grow their accounts. Social buddy offers 100% organic growth to build your Instagram followers naturally. Social buddy stands out among its competitor, given its results and pricing.

Apart from increasing your Instagram followers, Social buddy ensures your account gets 100% engagement. They use advanced targeting to identify relevant prospects and keeps your posted content engaged by replying to comments.

Social buddy organic Instagram service is under the control of humans, not bots. If you subscribe to their packages, you will be getting customer support contact whenever you need clarification. You can trust their Instagram growth service any day, any time.

8. Social Sensei

Social Sensei is not limited to growing Instagram followers only; it applies to other social media platforms, including Facebook. The Instagram growth service offers genuine account growth without including bots, spam, software, and fake followers.

It must be noted that Social Sensei does not offer short term plans, which implies that only long term packages are available. When you subscribe to the Social Sensei Instagram growth plan, a social media account manager will be in charge of your needs.

The social media account manager will collaborate with you to develop a suitable plan that matches your goals. Aside from the Instagram growth services, you can also benefit from services like content strategy and creation when you pay for their complete package.

organic instagram growth services

9. Crowdfire

When discussing Instagram growth services, Crowdfire works differently by focusing on content management to grow your Instagram account organically. They also make use of scheduling to bring you closer to your target audience. They do not make use of Instagram growth automation, yet their mechanism is very effective.

The interesting part is that majority of the services they offer are free. However, if you want more enhancement tools, you can subscribe to their premium plan. When you sign up with Crowdfire, your content marketing becomes efficient and effective.

10. Combin

Combin offers Instagram grow service and content marketing to enhance your Instagram account activities. Customers can select between Instagram growth service or content strategy or both simultaneously.

Combin, through their advanced Instagram growth, targets and engages potential followers on Instagram. With the help of filtration, they target only followers who are likely to attract your content. This increases the probability of getting a follow back and account engagement from the prospects.

Also, Combin audience management helps you to identify users that are not following you and help to unfollow them. They offer you the opportunity to manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously. Every new client gets a free starter trial and various monthly package.

11. HyperPlanner

HyperPlanner is one of the top tools for organic growth on Instagram. They help to develop your fan base across all continents on Instagram. You don’t have to be part of the process. The information you will be providing will be the basis for targeting your potential followers.

Given the availability of Instagram professionals, HyperPlanner promises to generate above 800 followers monthly, excluding fake followers. At the point of signing up, data such as demographic, brand niche, goals are required for effective targeting of followers.

HyperPlanner’s packages come with a money-back guarantee clause if not satisfied and 24/7 customer support services.

organic instagram growth services

12. Buyfans

With Buyfans Instagram growth tools, you get a fast and straightforward account enhancement that delivers likes, comments, and more followers. These are three distinctive Instagram growth services that you can order depending on your account growing needs.

Buyfans offers an instant boost to your Instagram account by setting up a mechanism that increases engagement through likes and comments. One good thing about Buyfans is you are getting the value for your money at a speedy rate.

They have different plans from which you can select to grow your account.

13. Spectsocial

When it comes to generating real Instagram users, Spectscocial is top-notch in that aspect. However, you must provide every detail about your business, brand, niche, business goals, and location to achieve a positive result.

Spectsocial assigns social media managers to your account when you sign up for any of their plans. The managers ensure your page gets daily engagement to build interaction with real people interested in your business.

All the plans offered by Spectsocial come with messaging services, which enable you to customize your message. Also, 24/7 customer service is available to all subscribers.

14. GettingGrowth

GettingGrowth is a tool that offers you efficient and effective social media marketing to grow your Instagram account organically. They can generate real Instagram followers, commenting to make your content engaging, and ad management that widens your reach.

GettingGrowth requires you to provide brief information about your business, including your goals, niche, and competitors. Their commitment to growing Instagram account is amazing, as they spend hours daily to build your account engagements.

15. Gramista

Famous for targeting potential followers through hashtags and locations provided by you. Gramista Instagram growth automation handles providing likes, following new users, and unfollowing users who are not part of your followers.

Gramista offers you the opportunity to customize your follow/unfollow speed. They have daily, weekly, and monthly plans, which is usually a factor of your Instagram account growth needs.


There are many organic instagram growth services for your account. However, not all of these ways are very effective. We have taken the pain to research, test, and bring up the top 15 best organic instagram growth services. We hope to hear your feedback as you implement them. Got questions or comments? Kindly use the comment box below.

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